Understanding the complex Earth system demands integrated solutions. Through integration of data and services (including data products, models and facilities), EPOS will allow the Earth Science community to make a step change in developing new concepts and tools for key answers to scientific and societal questions. For example, by combining satellite and in-situ Earth observations we can model surface deformations and tectonic processes causing earthquakes.

EPOS aims to develop a holistic, sustainable, multidisciplinary research platform that provides coordinated access to harmonized and quality controlled data from diverse Earth science disciplines, together with tools for their use in analysis and modelling. This integrated platform will demand significant coordination between – among others – disciplinary (thematic) communities, national research infrastructures and the policies and initiatives they drive, geoscientists and information technologists.

Once the EPOS integrated services will be operational, this new infrastructure will further facilitate sharing the outcomes of research to produce new data and products. EPOS will then harmonize data and services and ensure that new data products are accessible to both researchers and users across wider society.

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